• CJG and the Swan…

    The creativity has been flowing at our now very sparkly HQ. In June, Chloe alongside Marios Schwab, Jaime Winstone, Lulu Guiness and Julien Macdonald, was asked by the English National Ballet to lend her artistic talents for their Swan Art Auction. Painter and Graphic Designer Natasha Law was asked by the ENB to create a sketch of a Swan which was sent to Chloe on a clean canvas for her to customise. Out came the feathers, crystals and lace as Chloe transformed the swan mixing her signature print with a dash of sparkle. Chloe’s design is being auctioned now to raise funds for the English National Ballet to help fund new productions, roll out extensive national tours and support the amazing work of their Department of Learning who help change people’s lives through the work of the ENB.

    Place your bid at www.ballet.org.uk/summerparty/online_auction.php the auction ends on Thursday 5th July 2012.

    Fact: Swans mate for life. Cute.